Yes! There are definitely things you should never mention to a man.
 If you want to avoid jealousy, fights, rage attacks and even problems of self-esteem for yourself, it's better that in such certain circumstances you "close your mouth".

 1."Do you ask him when to meet again after you've previously met "? DON'T! 

    First date of you and a man and you are like you've had a great time but at the moment of saying goodbye, he still hasn't mentioned anything about a second meeting. Don't ask him when to meet again.
     If he has not told you yet, it is because he is not convinced so you better avoid that uncomfortable moment for yourself. A man really interested in you will propose it to you .

2." Have you slept with her"? 

   Do not ask your partner things from the past. With what need is it?
So that the ghost from the past and the insecurities that follows it would come into your present and persecute you eternally? No you don't.

3. "Do you usually screw up quite often with your comments? Like, Do you think she's cute" ?

   If you and your boyfriend cross paths with another woman know to the both of you and you happen to notice that he looks at her a lot, never ask him that question. If he says No you would be angry cause you don't believe him but he says YES, a fit of rage would come. It's better to avoid meaningless worries and make sure nothing happens.

4."Am I fat"? 
    This question always end in a fight.

 At that moment, if he says no, you think he does it cause he doesn't wanna make you feel bad and if he says yes  self-esteem stays right on the floor, never seek that from your boyfriend. Always remember that men are attracted to women who are secure and without complexes.
#Leave those consultions for your best friend.

5."You are not much different from my ex boyfriend".

   In serious situations and mistakes!
Don't ever make any kind of comparisons with your present and previous boyfriend. Talking about the ex, be it good or bad simply means that you are still thinking about him or you are still disgusted. That will only make your current partner feel the background. Also you would never like him to compare you with the women of his past. You wouldn't like that.


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