Mbappe should be the new Galactico

Kylian Mbappe has ratified his status as a football star by winning the World Cup with France. He played at a very high level throughout the tournament - especially in the round of 16 against Argentina - and scored his team's fourth goal in the final. For all these reasons he has become an icon in his country, and, of course, at his club Paris Saint-Germain.
This complicates even more a potential signing for Real Madrid. However, after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus, Los Blancos should make an effort to bring him to the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu from this August. Those are the reasons why such a move would be beneficial for both parties.


He is young

Mbappe is an established star at the age of 19. At that age - to get an idea of the potential of the PSG player - Lionel Messi was a substitute for Argentina and started to play more and more games with his club, while Cristiano Ronaldo did the same at Manchester United after the departure of David Beckham to Real Madrid, while he started shining with Portugal.
Mbappe is already one step ahead. He has been instrumental in his team's Ligue 1 victory - without anyone daring to discuss his starter spot - and the same happens in the French team. If we compare the influence he has on the game of his teams, he has been better than the two best players of the last decade at his age.

He can score

His goalscoring ability is innate and, from what we have seen in football, he is the only player with the potential to get close to the figures that Ronaldo has marked in the last nine years. Without being a pure striker (he has had Radamel Falcao and Edinson Cavani as teammates in the last two years) he has managed to score 28 goals in his last couple of seasons in France.
Can you imagine the amount of goals that he could score if he is converted to a No9 at Real Madrid, as they have previously done with Ronaldo? The Portuguese started at Manchester United as a winger, like Mbappe, albeit with the opposite foot and he only scored nine goals when he was at this age. The potential of the new champion with France is certainly exciting.


He would make an ideal leader

A project led by Mbappe would be exhilarating and perhaps that is now the biggest obstacle in signing him. Even more than the financial part of it, he has become, at the age of 19, the image of France and PSG. Do you think it would be a burden for him to become the franchise player of a sports project such as that of the European champions?
If there is a thing that the boy has shown - guided by his parents or by whoever - it's that he has his head on his shoulders and that he has never sought an excuse in pressure. With his arrival at Real Madrid, he would reach his peak as a worldwide icon, because there is no brand like the Los Blancos to manage that. The effort would be of gargantuan dimensions, but do not you think it's worth doing? I think so.

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