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I’m not afraid of love, I’m just not sure. Or am i? 
Marriage and love are both beautiful things to happen to any soul. The only thing harder than getting in, is staying in. I’ve always wondered how ‘forever’ vows work, how two people can just be in love and not feel like saying, “this isn’t working anymore”, how two people refrain from smacking each other in the head when it gets really hot. I’ve always wondered what makes people stay in love. 


A friend wrote and i quote, “love is stumbling through life with your best friend” and a whole lot of people have defined it in ways that suit their idiosyncrasies. I say love is meaningless in the sense that you don’t know why you love that person, but you just do. But can i then say that when i love a person because he’s this or he’s that, does that mean I’m really not in love with that person? 
We all have that one fairytale love story in our heads that we want by all and every means to happen. As beautiful as living in your imagination is, being realistic will help you live longer(so, another  friend wrote). Love is ‘fights and no direct apologies but we still find ways to be good again’. Love is, ‘get the hell out of my face’ but inside you feel different. Love is, ‘urrrghhh! I hate this feeling’. Lol. Love is ‘i love him today and i hate him tomorrow’.
Let’s talk about love. What’s your favorite definition of love by anyone or by yourself? 
                                                                                                                             By Sylvia Gabby Mba

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