Boosted’s new Board Stealth is the electric skateboard company’s fastest and most expensive model. Though the $1,599 Stealth has a similar design and features as Boosted’s other boards, it sets a new record for speed: 24 mph. The Stealth can keep its high speed for up to 14 miles between charges, thanks to its removable extended-range battery.
There are a lot of prerequisites for a great electric skateboard: it has to be able to go fast, have excellent stopping power to swerve in and out of situations (like when a driver or rider cuts you off), and have a decent battery range if it’s really going to be a viable alternative to other forms of city transit like the subway, bus, or bicycle.
The Boosted Board Stealth has speed, range, and a new paint job. But is the most expensive electric skateboard from Boosted worth the cost?

Compared to other electric skateboards, Boosted’s models have always been easy to ride and accessible to new riders. Thankfully, this hasn’t changed with the Boosted Stealth. Inexperienced riders can still pick it up and learn the ropes with it just like any other Boosted board.

However, overall acceleration is cranked up, and there’s less trigger-pulling required to reach higher speeds. That’s due to the Stealth’s more powerful 2,100W motor, compared to the 2,000W and 1,000W motors in the Booted Plus and Mini X, respectively.

The Boosted Stealth also benefits from the same full deck overhaul within its flexible composite deck as the Mini and Plus. This consists of vibration dampening, foam, fiberglass, and a poplar core that improves the ride on rough surfaces better than a bamboo deck. Boosted’s new, 190mm trucks are tuned out of the box, and they helped with carving at top speeds on the not-so-smooth roads of SoHo with no wobbling or sudden jolts.

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