23-Year-Old Gets Into Car And Vanishes. 7 Days Later Her Crashed Jeep Leads Stranger To Her Scream

A couple from California, Chad and Chelsea Moore were walking the beach below the cliffs of Big Sur. With the hope of finding a quite and desolate place to go fishing with the view of having the whole beach to themselves.

chad and Chelsea moore

The noticed a car bumper sitting on the sand, which was unusual so the walked further around the bend and saw a "wrecked jeep". Chad could tell an accident had recently occurred, but the damage was so bad he assumed there’d be no survivors.

But still they looked around for clues and try removing the license plate of the jeep so they could report it. In the process they heard someone calling for help.


About, 200 feet down the cliff among the giant rocks, was a young woman trying to stand to her feet. She looked like she’d been through a war.

“That was my Jeep,” she told them.

Chad and Chelsea scrambled down the cliff to reach her, and that’s when they discovered the shocking truth.

the wrecked jeep

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