Why D'banji might face a legal punishment for the death of his 1year old son.


The sudden death of Dbanj’s 1-year-old son Daniel Oyebanjo who died after drowning at Dbanj’s Ikoyi residence on Sunday afternoon caged the entertainment industry on the mourning corridor.

  D’banj could be sentenced to stay behind bars for up to 5years; a fan penned a view on a known platform.

Read below;

In most states, child abuse or negligence may be charged as either a felony or a less serious offence, depending on the circumstances. The most severe cases of child abuse can carry felony lifetime sentences, while the least serious cases are considered as minor cases which could potentially result in no moment behind bars.


Punishment will typically be more severe if the offender has a prior record of criminal child abuse activity and greatly reduced if there is no prior record.
For sentencing purposes, a person charged with child abuse or negligence may enter a plea of guilty, not guilty, or no contest. In a large number of cases, sentencing can include probation or a prison term of up to five years. Sentencing in more serious cases may include a longer prison term. Other possible penalties and/or consequences can include:

Lifetime requirement to register as a child s-xual offender
Termination of parental rights, Ruined reputation, No right to bear a child, Criminal record
Supervised access to the child. Physical or actual loss and enjoyment of a child Continual involvement with a child protective services agency. *that swimming pool should have been hedged or better still, it shouldn't have even been at that particular spot*

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