Steps on how to maintain a healthy relationship.

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It doesn't take much to have a healthy and happy relationship . 
I think we complicate the process of a good relationship by sticking too much to gender norms.
One of the key aspects for a relationship to succeed is when both partner have a sense of value equality. If you don't agree on equality, there's absolutely nothing else to agree on. 
If you want a relationship that leads to lifetime happiness, take each and every one of the concepts mentioned seriously.
Here is how to have a healthy relationship that's successful and will last you a lifetime:
1.Having the sense of equality; when you believe you both are equal. 
Both partners must have the same view on equality or nothing would work. If both partners don't agree on equality, how are they ever going to discuss their feelings, emotions, and opinions on anything?
There needs to be a common understanding with one another about equality because no one is superior or inferior to another.
2. You give and take(sacrifices) 
In any relationship , reciprocity is crucial for healthy relationships. One partner shouldn’t take and take without ever giving and vice-versa. There should be an equal or close to equal amount of giving and receiving.
3. You don't control each other.
There are no attempts to control one another. Partners respect each other’s different or similar opinions. They agree to disagree and are able to discuss things respectfully even if opinions differ. There are no attempts at controlling one’s mind or thoughts. 
Abuse is definitely not part of a healthy relationship . It seems as if that should be common sense but there are times when all a person knows is abusive relationships and consider that normal.
4. You accept each other's flaws(tolerance) 
Let's face it, we all have flaws or things we can't work on because no one is perfect. Sometimes, those flaws end up being adorable or you learn to love them.
As long as the good surpasses the bad in terms of what you are looking for in a partner, that’s truly what matters, not these little annoyances or petty things.
5. You don't try to change one another.
You both accept each other for who you are . One or the other shouldn ’t ever say or imply that one should change. Partners need to accept one another with all the positives and negatives they come with. If one partner is trying to make the other change something about themselves, there is a problem.
If one partner is dropping subtle hints like "You should wear your hair down more often" or "You should cut your hair short" may seem innocent when reading this but really, the partner is asking the other to change. It’s unacceptable and relationships won’t work out if one or both try to change each other.
6. You trust one another's memory.
At first, this statement sounded weird. But it is not because what if something happens to you and you need someone else to remember certain things? It could also be something as simple as going to the grocery store to pick up a last minute thing.
You have to have faith and trust in the other's memory as one or the other may have to make responsible and logical decisions without their partner.
7. You welcome and invite growth in one another.
As you and your partner experience life together, you will want to encourage one another and embrace growth and change with each other.
8. You encourage each other's individuality.
While you both come together on things for the relationship and to be there for one another, you also encourage each other to maintain your independence .
You and your partner will value each other's thoughts, feelings, and opinions but you encourage the other to have their own beliefs and opinions regardless of what others may think or if they'll disagree.
9. You bring out the best in one another.
Obviously, you don't want to be with someone who brings out the worst in you. That's silly. You compliment each other by both of your unique features and that is not about looks.
You and your partner are on the same level and you both highlight the amazing people you both are.
10. You experience true intimacy in each other's company.
This involves both physically and mentally. It's not just about s-x . It's about the strong emotions partners have for one another and showing it through all aspects of intimacy. It's about exploring the strong emotions between two people mentally and physically.

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